Drink Menu



Wine and sparkling wine to match the cuisine selected by the chef. Try asking the chefs for recommendations.

Glass Wine

  • Cube Du Prince(France)red/ White  ¥500
    Red is a medium body and white is dry.   It will be a standard French wine.


Full bottle


  • Cube Du Prince(France)   ¥2,200
    Featuring solid tannins and fruits with a spicy aftertaste. Medium body.
  • Rumé · Montepulciano · Doublezo(Italy)  ¥3,000
    Impressive ripe berry rich aroma and oak's fragrance. Medium body.
  • Pinot Noir Yellow Tail(Australia)   ¥2,700
     A lot of berry taste. Sour taste modest. Medium body.


  • Cube Du Prince(France)   ¥2,200
    Fragrance like flowers. It features fruity sourness and faint sweetness. spicy.
  • Paia Bianco(Italy)  ¥2,700
    Featuring fragrance like flowers and white peaches, fresh and attractive acidity is good. spicy.
  • Moscato · Yellow tail(Australia)  ¥2,700
    Fresh foaming and fruity Muscat taste and refreshing taste. Sweet mouth.


  • Bubbles · Yellow tail · White(Australia) ¥3,700
    Fresh bubbles and refreshing aftertaste. White with a fruity taste of raw grapes.
  • Bubbles · Yellow tail · Rosé (Australia) ¥3,700
    Fresh bubbles and refreshing aftertaste. Rosé featuring fresh strawberry scent.

Half bottle


  • Jean Jean GentimFranceon Rouge (France) ¥1,700
    All-round red wine with light fruit and rich in fruit. Light body.
  • Romeo & Juliet (Italy)  ¥1,800
    Red wine with a slightly sweetness and soft mouth feel, making use of the fruit flavor of grapes.


  • Jean Jean GentimFranceon Blanc (France)  ¥1,800
    Fresh and lively white wine. spicy.
  • Romeo & Juliet (Italy)  ¥1,800
    A slightly sweetness is felt, white mouthfeel and refreshing white wine.


  • Fruit Sparkling Peach (Spain)  ¥1,700
    The rich fragrance of peach spreads throughout the mouth. Slightly sweet. Low alcohol 6.5%
  • Freycinet · Semiseco · Rosé (Spain)  ¥2,600
    Elegant taste with flavor reminiscent of strawberry and fresh scent. Faint sweet mouth.

Alcohol Menu


From classic beer to shochu high. Of course, we have various kinds of cocktails.


  • draft beer ¥600
  • Bottled beer(Asahi Super Dry) ¥650
  • Bottled beer(Kirin Classic Lager) ¥650
  • Bottled beer(ST Premium Malts) ¥600



・Lemon ・Gigantic peak ・Calpis ・lime ・Kyoho Calpis・grapefruit

Various ¥400



・Shake cocktail ・Gin tonic ・Ricky ・Litchi liquor ・Apricot Wine

Various  ¥500

・Fruit Ricky

Various ¥600



  • plum wine  ¥500
  • ZIMA  ¥600
  • Tris Highball  ¥500
  • Lemoncello  ¥800


Soft Drink


Oolong tea and various juices. HOT drinks are all you can drink in a drink bar format.

  • Cola ¥300
  • Gingeraire(spicy) ¥300
  • Oolong Tea  ¥300
  • Orange juice  ¥300
  • Grapefruit juice ¥300
  • Calpis Water  ¥300
  • Java tea 500ml(White or red) 各種 ¥350
  • HOT drink bar(free refill)
    (coffee・Black tea・Green Tea・Milk cocoa・Matcha latte)   ¥250